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Wednesday, June 19th, 2024

Students Insurance 

Destination Canada
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Administrated by: The Destination: Travel Group Inc.
Underwritten by: Zurich Insurance Company Ltd (Canadian Branch)
24 hours Emergency Assistance Center: Zurich Travel Assist

IMPORTANT NOTE: The product-related information on this website is for illustration purposes only. For complete benefits, terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions, please see the policy booklet at the download section below. Please read and understand your policy before you travel.

  - Maximum Benefits:  $2,000,000
  - Emergency Hospital: Semi-private room
  - Physicians, surgeons or anesthetic
  - Private duty services of a Registered nurse up to $15,000*
  - Diagnostics:  Lab tests and/or X-ray examination as ordered by a physician
  - Ambulance Transportation: Licensed local land, or sea ambulance to the nearest hospital. If an ambulance is necessary but is unavailable, the insurer will reimburse up to $150 for taxi expenses.
  - Emergency Air Transportation: one-way transportation by the most appropriate means, including the use of an air ambulance or stretcher accommodation and medical escort to the nearest appropriate medical facility or to your country of origin *
  - Medical Appliance:  Rental of crutches, wheelchair or hospital-type bed (standard nonelectric model only), not exceeding the purchase price; the cost of splints, trusses, braces or other approved prosthetic appliances; initial purchase of casts; artificial limbs, eyes or other approved prosthetic or medical appliances. * Oxygen and rental of equipment for its administration. *
  - Prescription drugs: One month supply, to a maximum of $10,000.
  - Professional Services – the service of a legally licensed physiotherapist, chiropractor, osteopath, chiropodist, podiatrist, acupuncturist, naturopath and speech therapist - up to $600 per practitioner per calendar year. A referral from a physician is required for acupuncturist and naturopath.
  - Accidental Dental:  Up to $5,000 for emergency treatment to whole or sound natural teeth damaged by an accidental direct blow to the face.
  - Dental Emergencies: Up to $600 for the immediate relief of acute dental pain.
  - Wisdom Teeth - extraction of impacted wisdom teeth, up to $150 per tooth.
  - Return of Deceased (Repatriation): up to $15,000 to return the body to the country of origin, or up to $5,000 for cremation or burial at the place of death. The cost of a coffin, urn or funeral service, is not covered.
  - Transportation of Family: Up to $5,000 for the cost to transport one member of your family by roundtrip economy class, and up $150 per day to a maximum of $1,500 for costs incurred after arrival, if the attendance is recommended by a physician.
  - Accidental Death & Dismemberment: Up to $10,000 for accidental loss of life, limb or sight. 
  - Mental Health Care – up to $25,000 (lifetime maximum) for hospitalization and up to $1,000 per year for outpatient services for treatment of mental, nervous or emotional disorders.
  - Prescription Glasses, Contact Lenses, and Hearing Aids – up to $200 for prescription glasses, contact lenses and hearing aids required as a result of accidental injury. This benefit does NOT cover the repair or replacement of prescription glasses, contact lenses and/or hearing aids.
  - Tutorial Services - Up to $20/hour to a maximum of $400 for the costs of a qualified private tutorial service in the event you are hospitalized for 30 consecutive days or more. 
  - Trauma Counselling - up to $500 for trauma counselling within 90 days from the date of sickness or accident.
  - Tuberculosis testing and Vaccination - Up to a maximum of $100 for tuberculosis testing and vaccination or immunization during a 12-month period.
  - Follow-up visits: Up to $3,000 to continue non-emergency medical treatment, when required as a result of a covered emergency sickness or injury.
  - Eye Examination - One visit to a registered optometrist during any 12 consecutive months.
  - Physical Examination ­- Up to $150 for one routine physical examination or one consultation for the “morning after pill” when 12 months has been purchased. Limited to one visit in any consecutive 12-month period of coverage.
  - Maternity Benefit - Up to $25,000 for pre-natal care and involuntary termination of pregnancy or resulting complications, provided that pregnancy commenced during the period of coverage. NO benefits will be payable for expenses incurred for childbirth, voluntary termination of pregnancy, or postnatal care.
 - Pre-existing Conditions are covered for complications provided the condition was stable in the 90 days immediately before the effective date.

* Must be pre-approved by Zurich Travel Assist.

To be eligible for coverage a person must, as of the effective date:
a) be a student age 40 or younger at the time of application enrolled in a school outside Canada; or
b) be an accompanying dependent under age 40 of an eligible student; and
c) be currently in good health; and
d) be insured or eligible for benefits under the government health insurance plan of the province or territory in which you reside, for the entire duration of your trip. 
Student means a person:
a) who regularly attends school, college, university, or other accredited educational institution; and
b) who is enrolled in a minimum of 60% of the usual course requirements for the program in which they are enrolled; or
c) who remains in their country of study for up to 60 days immediately after completion of studies as described under a) and b) of this definition.
School means a school, university, college or other recognized institution of learning that is accredited by the local authorities.

Expiry Date - Coverage ends on the earliest of the date:
a) indicated as the expiry date on your confirmation of coverage; or
b) 365 days after the effective date for this policy; or
c) you no longer meet this policy’s definition of student; or
d) 60 days after you are no longer enrolled in a school.
f) if you are a Canadian, the date you are no longer covered by a government health insurance plan; or
g) the date you cease to be a spouse or dependent as defined in the insurance policy.

WAITING PERIOD For illness – No waiting - coverage begins on the latest of the date:
a) the completed application is accepted by the insurer or its representative; or
b) indicated as the effective date on the application; or
c) you depart from your country of origin.

Benefits are not payable for costs incurred due to:
1. Any pre-existing medical condition that was not stable within the 90 days prior to the effective date.
2. Any pre-existing medical condition or any related conditions for which, prior to your arrival date in Canada or country of study, you had, were scheduled or recommended for a medical consultation for the purpose of establishing a diagnosis, and for which results had not yet been received at the time of departure from your country of origin.
Pre-existing condition means a sickness, injury or medical condition, whether or not diagnosed by a physician:
a) for which you exhibited signs or symptoms; or
b) for which you required or received medical consultation; and
c) which existed prior to the effective date of your coverage.
Stable means a medical condition is considered stable when all of the following statements are true:
1) there has not been any new treatment prescribed or recommended, or change(s) to existing treatment (including a stoppage in treatment), and
2) there has not been any change in medication, or any recommendation or starting of a new prescription drug, and
3) the medical condition has not become worse, and
4) there has not been any new, more frequent or more severe symptoms, and
5) there has been no hospitalization or referral to a specialist, and
6) there have not been any tests, investigation or treatment recommended, but not yet complete, nor any outstanding test results, and
7) there is no planned or pending treatment.
All of the above conditions must be met for a medical condition to be considered stable.
Change in medication means the medication dosage, frequency or type has been reduced, increased or stopped, and/or new medication(s) has/have been prescribed. Exceptions: the routine adjustment of Coumadin, warfarin or insulin (as long as they are not newly prescribed or stopped) to test your blood levels; and a change from a brand name medication to a generic brand medication of the same dosage.

If you decide to extend your trip, you may apply for a new period of coverage provided you meet the Eligibility requirements of the new policy. If you have incurred a claim, the Assistance Centre will review your file before deciding on granting an extension. Each policy or term of coverage is considered a separate contract. The insurer reserves the right to decline any request for new terms of coverage.
This insurance provides coverage while traveling worldwide, provided you spend at least 51% of the period of coverage in your country of study.
Coverage will be provided during school breaks as long as the insurance is in effect during these periods.

When submitting your refund request, please include:
1. a written request; and
2. a copy of confirmation of coverage; and
3. confirmation of your early departure such as boarding pass or itinerary, or any other written proof of your early return to your country of origin; and
4. any other documentation to support your refund request.
Refunds are payable when:
1. The student fails to meet visa entry eligibility requirements.
2. The insured person permanently returns to his/her country of origin 30 days or more prior to the expiry date of coverage.
3. The student is no longer enrolled in a school within Canada or the country of study.
4. The insured person becomes covered under a provincial or territorial health/medical plan. Premium refund requests, regardless of method of payment, should be submitted to the Destination Travel Group Inc. There will be no refund of premium if any losses have been incurred whether or not a claim has been made. Premiums which are 100% refundable are subject to a $10 administration fee, except when cancelled during the 10 day examination period.
Partial cancellations are charged a $25 administration fee. These fees are deducted from the net premium to be refunded. Refunds will not be provided for amounts less than the minimum required premium for the plan purchased.
Refunds are calculated as follows:
• From the date of permanent return to your country of origin; or
• If you become eligible for coverage under a provincial or territorial government health/ medical plan, Destination Travel Group will consider your cancellation request from the date they receive acceptable proof of your provincial or territorial government health care coverage. Such requests cannot be backdated because this insurance policy provides insured services and other benefits that are not provided by provincial or territorial government health care; or
• The day you are no longer enrolled in a school within your country of study.

In the event of an injury or sickness, you must notify Zurich Travel Assist (toll free 1-888-726-1839 or worldwide collect 416-260-4553) within 24 hours of admission to a hospital or before any medical consultation or any surgery is performed.
If you fail to notify Zurich Travel Assist without reasonable cause, then the insurer may reduce the benefits payable to you under this policy. Zurich Travel Assist also provides support and recommendations for non-medical emergencies, providing you with access to resources to help resolve any unexpected difficulties you encounter during your period of coverage.
- To make your claim, fill out the claim form completely and include all original bills. Incomplete information will cause delay.
- Claims must be reported within 30 days of occurrence.
- Written proof of claim must be submitted within 90 days of occurrence.
- Any costs incurred for documentation or required reports are your or the claimant’s responsibility.
Zurich Canada Travel Insurance
c/o Zurich Travel Assist
100 King Street West, Suite 5300, Toronto, ON M5X 1C9
For Online Claim Submission visit

Benefits are not payable for costs incurred due to:
1. Any pre-existing medical condition that was not stable within the 90 days prior to the effective date.
2. Any pre-existing medical condition or any related conditions for which, prior to your arrival date in Canada or country of study, you had, were scheduled or recommended for a medical consultation for the purpose of establishing a diagnosis, and for which results had not yet been received at the time of departure from your country of origin.
3. Test and investigative consultation including, but not limited to biopsies, except when performed at time of an emergency sickness or injury; except as specified under the Non-Emergency Treatment (Follow Up Visits benefit).
4. Losses incurred due to:
   (i) any loss resulting from your minor mental or emotional disorder; and/or
   (ii) your self-inflicted injuries, unless medical evidence establishes that the injuries are related to a mental health illness.
Except as provided under Medical Health Care benefit #15 from the policy wording.
Minor mental or emotional disorder means: - having anxiety or panic attacks, or being in an emotional state or in a stressful situation. A minor mental or emotional disorder is one where your treatment includes only minor tranquilizers or minor anti-anxiety medication (anxiolytics) or no prescribed medication at all.
5. Medical treatment and expenses incurred while in your country of origin.
6. A medical condition which originated while visiting your country of origin during the period of coverage or any condition wholly or partly, directly or indirectly, related thereto.
7. If you are Canadian, any act of terrorism directly or indirectly caused by, resulting from, arising out of or that is in connection with biological, chemical, nuclear or radioactive means.
8. For inbound insured, an act of terrorism.
9. An act of war.
10. The participation by you or a dependent in:
    · protests;
    · armed forces activities;
    · a commercial sexual transaction;
    · the commission or attempted commission of any criminal offence; or
    · the contravention of any statutory law or regulation in the area where the loss occurred.
11. Any medical condition:
    · when you knew, or for which it was reasonable to expect, before you left your country of origin, that you would need or be required to seek treatment for that medical condition; and/or
    · when the purpose of your trip was to seek medical treatment for that medical condition.
12. Loss, death or injury, if at the time of the loss, death or injury, evidence supports you were affected by, or the medical condition causing the loss was in any way contributed to by:
    · your use of alcohol, prohibited drugs or any other intoxicant; or
    · you not following treatment as prescribed to you, including prescribed or over-the-counter medication; or
    · your non-compliance with medical therapy before or after the effective date; or
    · your use of medication or drugs that have not been approved by the appropriate government authority.
13. Any treatment, investigation or hospitalization which is a continuation of an emergency, except as specified under the Non-Emergency Treatment (Follow Up Visits benefit).
14. Any treatment, investigation or hospitalization which exceeds 30 days following the initial day that outpatient treatment began, unless approved in advance by the Assistance Centre.
15. Travelling against the advice of a physician or any loss resulting from a sickness or medical condition that was diagnosed by a physician as terminal prior to the effective date of this policy.
16. Injury resulting from training for or participating in:
    · mountain climbing which involves the ascent or descent of a mountain requiring the use of specialized equipment, including crampons, pickaxes, anchors, bolts, carabiners and lead or top-rope anchoring equipment;
    · any skiing or snowboarding out of bounds, heliskiing, ski jumping;
    · white water rafting (except grades 1 to 4);
    · street luge or skeleton activity;
    · any rodeo activity;
    · skydiving and sky-surfing;
    · any form of BASE jumping (ie: wingsuit flying);
    · any speed event or other high-risk activity involving the use of a motor vehicle on land, water or air, whether on approved tracks or elsewhere;
    · a professional sport, if that sport is your main paid occupation; or
    · scuba diving (except if certified by internationally recognized and accepted program such as NAUI or PADI, or if diving depth does not exceed 30 meters).
17. Any loss incurred as a result of pregnancy, abortion, miscarriage, childbirth, or complications thereof, except as specifically provided under the Maternity Benefit.
18. Medical expenses incurred by an infant 14 days old or less.
19. Sickness or injury resulting from a motor vehicle accident where you are entitled to receive benefits pursuant to any policy or legislative plan of motor vehicle insurance.
20. Cosmetic surgery, including any expenses for directly or indirectly related complications unless such cosmetic surgery is a result of a covered sickness or injury.
21. Any medical consultation that is elective or related to a prior elective procedure.
22. Dental care, services or supplies, except as specifically provided under Accidental Dental, Dental Emergencies or Wisdom Teeth.
23. Treatment or services that contravene, or are prohibited by, legislation under a provincial or territorial hospital/medical plan.
24. Costs that exceed the reasonable and customary rate for the area where the treatment or services are being performed.
25. Loss or repair of or damage to eye glasses, contact lenses, hearing aids and/or prescriptions for any of these items.
26. Any learning or educational assessments for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or similar conditions or diagnosis.
27. General assessments or checkups, or any services requested by a third party.
28. Air travel other than as a passenger in a commercial aircraft licensed to carry passengers for hire, except while being transported under the terms of the Emergency Air Transportation /Return Home benefit.
29. The purchase of:
    a) medications or drugs not approved for use by the appropriate government authority;
    b) patent or proprietary medications;
    c) vitamins or vitamin preparations;
    d) drugs or medications which can be purchased without a prescription;
    e) acne medications;
    f) nicotine resin products;
    g) dietary supplements or weight loss products;
    h) quantities of any drug or medication which exceed a 30-day supply within one month prior to the policy expiry date;
    i) contraceptives prescribed for any purpose, with the exception of the “morning-after pill”, which is limited to one per period of coverage;
    j) contraceptive consultation or testing, except as specifically provided under Physical Exam benefit;
   k) fertility drugs or testing;
    l) drugs, medications, or other costs paid for by any other agency; or
  m) experimental drugs, preventative medications or vaccines (except as specifically state in Benefit Tuberculosis testing and Vaccination).
30. Any loss incurred outside of your country of study, except for loss due to acute emergency hospital and other covered emergency costs due to sickness or injury occurring during the period of coverage while you are travelling, other than your country of origin, provided you spend the majority of the period of coverage within your country of study.
31. Any act of terrorism or medical condition you suffer or contract when:
    · the Government of Canada issues a travel advisory to Avoid all travel or Avoid all non-essential travel to the region, city, or country of your destination; and
    · the travel advisory is issued before your effective date.

You can read all travel advisories on the Government of Canada Official Global Travel Advisory website.

Note: This exclusion does not apply to claims for an emergency or medical condition that is not related to the travel advisory.

If you are not insured under the government health insurance plan in the province or territory in which you reside, the portion that would have been refunded by the provincial or territorial government health insurance plan is not a benefit of this Insurance.


Rate Schedule

Per Day

Per Year







COVID-19 Rider - 15% surcharge.

The minimum premium is $20.00
Dependent means a) your legally married spouse or a person with whom you have been cohabitating in a common-law relationship for at least 12 consecutive months prior to the date of application; and b) any unmarried children residing with you, who are more than 15 days of age and age 25 or under and dependent upon you for their sole means of support; and c) your parent, stepparent, legal guardian, brother, sister, stepbrother, or stepsister who are living with the student while in the country of study. Dependents are covered only when dependent coverage is selected and paid for at the time of application.

The rates and products described are subject to change without notice at any time.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The product-related information on this website is for illustration purposes only. For complete benefits, terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions, please see the policy booklet at the download section below. Please read and understand your policy before you travel.


Destination Travel Group Student Insurane POLICY PDF

Destination Travel Group Student Insurance Application Form - DocuSign (fillable)

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